ICON Community Airdrip: A Balanced x ICON Foundation initiative

2 min readFeb 18, 2021


Airdrip: Earn Balance Tokens every week you stake ICX.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Balanced, we’ve partnered with ICON to distribute Balance Tokens to ICX holders.

We wanted everyone with ICX to benefit from Balanced, even if they’re not ready to use it themselves. That’s now possible thanks to the ICON Community Airdrip program.

No, airdrip is not a typo. We call it an airdrip because delegated ICX holders will get to claim Balance Tokens every week after the Balanced launch.

Here’s how it will work:

  • The first drip will drop one week after Balanced launches
  • Delegated ICX holders can claim their Balance Tokens from the Balanced airdrip page.
  • The more ICX you have delegated, the more you can claim
  • If you don’t claim your Balance Tokens each week, you’ll lose them
  • Unclaimed tokens are added to the next weekly drip
  • To participate, you must be delegating from a wallet that you control the private key or keystore file (ICONex, MyIconWallet, etc.). If not, the staking platform you are using (i.e. Binance, ICONFI, etc.) must announce support

The ICON Community Airdrip is an excellent opportunity for all ICX holders to earn Balance Tokens — and participate in the Balanced DAO when they’re ready.

We look forward to welcoming every ICON investor to the Balanced community.




Balanced is a finance hub for the ICON Network. Mint a stablecoin called Balanced Dollars, swap and supply crypto, and vote to shape Balanced’s future.