How to earn Balance Tokens

Balanced is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), governed by Balance Token holders. Balance Tokens (BALN) give you a share of the fees produced through the platform, as well as the ability to vote on changes that shape the future of Balanced.

At launch, there will be 3 ways to earn Balance Tokens: borrow Balanced Dollars, supply liquidity to the exchange, and participate in the ICON community airdrip.

Borrow Balanced Dollars

You’ll need to borrow at least 50 bnUSD, and keep your risk below the reward threshold. That means you can borrow up to 20% of your collateral value.

The UI will display the amount of BALN you can expect to earn daily, if all variables stay the same.

Your risk will fluctuate based on the price of ICX. To make sure you always qualify for rewards, set an alert for the ICX price shown underneath the reward threshold, and adjust your position as needed.

Supply liquidity

You’ll earn BALN every day you supply liquidity to one of the supported pairs:

  • ICX/sICX (10% of daily BALN; 50+ ICX required to earn)
  • sICX/bnUSD (17.5% of daily BALN; $50+ required to earn)
  • BALN/bnUSD (17.5% of daily BALN; $50+ required to earn)

Learn more about the Balanced liquidity pools.

ICON community airdrip

To qualify, stake your ICX and vote for your favorite P-Reps from a wallet you hold the private keys for, like ICONex, MyIconWallet, or a Ledger. Then visit the Balanced airdrip page once a week and sign in with your wallet to claim the drip.

If you use ICONFi, stake your ICX. You’ll automatically receive BALN each week.

How large is the airdrip? We expect around 70,000 BALN in the first drip, and hope to sustain this amount every week thereafter. Any BALN unclaimed at the end of the week gets added to the next drip, so the amount available in each drip is likely to increase over time.

How to claim and stake Balance Tokens

After you claim BALN, stake them from the wallet section. You’ll accrue a share of the network fees as long as you maintain your position.

Your first vote as a Balance Token holder will be to distribute the network fees: 60% to BALN holders, 40% to the DAO fund, paid out each week.

Participate in the Balanced DAO

Until then, join the BalancedDAO discussion on Telegram.

Balanced is a DAO on the ICON Network that creates tokens pegged to real-world assets.

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