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Balanced update: functional specs and an interactive prototype

True to our roadmap, the Balanced team is excited to announce that we’ve completed our deliverables for Q2. Today’s release includes the Balanced functional specifications and our first interactive prototype.

Functional specifications

The functional spec describes the front end, back end, and smart contracts required to support Balanced as it was defined in the white paper. It dives into the details in over 9,000 words, so go read it to find out more.

Read the Balanced functional specifications.

Interactive prototype

This is our first prototype of the full Balanced app. It’s not completely interactive yet, and some parts are still being designed, but it should provide a good sense of the direction we’ve taken. It will also serve as our starting point for user testing.

The prototype shows the interface for someone already using Balanced, so you won’t see the context provided for first-time users. To combat this, many of the labels display tooltips — hover over one if you want more clarity.

If you’re eager to provide your feedback on the prototype, we’d love to know:

  • Is anything unclear? (i.e. what rebalancing is)
  • Is anything hard to find, use, or understand? (i.e. how to stake BAL)
  • Is anything missing? (i.e. a way to track your full position history)

It’s not responsive for mobile yet, so you’ll want to try it out on a computer or tablet.

Try the Balanced prototype.

What’s next for Balanced?

For Q3, our roadmap deliverables are to launch several proofs of concept on the Testnet:

  • sICX
  • mining Balance Tokens
  • minting ICD

We’ll also use Q3 to test the prototype with users, improve the design based on those tests, and start building production-worthy front end code.

If you have any questions or want to share your feedback with the Balanced team, join us on Telegram or reach out to us on Twitter. To learn more about Balanced, check out the website.

Balanced is a DAO on the ICON Network that creates tokens pegged to real-world assets.

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