Since our August update, the Balanced contributors have been busy with numerous improvements to the product and smart contracts.

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Since our July update, our main priority has been to increase the decentralization of Balanced, and help the community become more involved in its direction.

We started by introducing the Balanced forum to begin community discussion on protocol changes, and we’re already seeing…

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For increased transparency, the Balanced team will share the progress we make each month, and outline what we plan to work on next.

This is the first update of many.

Achievements in June

June was a busy month, as we worked to add features the community…

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The Balanced team is excited to unveil our first major update post-launch: the Geometry Release.

Named in honor of Geometry Labs, this release includes the core infrastructure needed for the community’s most-wanted features.

Price charts:

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It’s now been 5 weeks since the launch, and the amount of activity we’ve already seen on Balanced is incredible. Here are some of the highlights:

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The decentralized bank of ICON is now open for business.

If you want to use sICX, borrow Balanced Dollars, swap assets, or supply liquidity, you can now sign in to the Balanced app.

If you want to catch the first airdrip, keep your ICX staked in your wallet. We’ll send out an announcement on May 2 when the airdrip is live. Learn more about the airdrip.

To catch up on all the content we’ve released during the 14 day countdown, including our strategic partners announcement and blog post series, you can backtrack from today’s tweet:

Join the Balanced DAO, and help us shape the future of finance.

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Read this post on the Balanced blog.

Balanced introduces a number of new assets to the ICON ecosystem. One of them, sICX, has raised many questions. So what is sICX, and how does it work? Let’s explore the details.

When you deposit ICX as collateral on Balanced, it’s first staked…

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Balanced is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), governed by Balance Token holders. Balance Tokens (BALN) give you a share of the fees produced through the platform, as well as the ability to vote on changes that shape the future of Balanced.

At launch…

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You can use Balanced to borrow new assets, like Balanced Dollars, but unless they’re widely circulated and easy to swap between, their use — and value — is limited.

That’s why Balanced includes an exchange, and incentivizes liquidity providers to make sure its…

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How does Balanced guarantee the price of its assets? No matter the price elsewhere, you can always sell them on Balanced for their true value. Let’s explore how this works.

At the time of writing (last updated May 22)…


Balanced is a DAO on the ICON Network that creates tokens pegged to real-world assets.

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