It’s been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived! We’re pleased to announce that Balanced will launch on April 25, at 6pm PDT.

(That’s 9pm EDT / April 26 at 1am UTC, 10am KST, 11am AEST, and 1pm NZST.)

In preparation for the launch, we’ve redesigned the website to have a stronger focus on the product. Take a look to learn more about Balanced: the benefits, how it works, and why you should use it.

View the Balanced website.

If the ICX you plan to use with Balanced is staked, get ready to unstake it. The current…

Airdrip: Earn Balance Tokens every week you stake ICX.
Airdrip: Earn Balance Tokens every week you stake ICX.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Balanced, we’ve partnered with ICON to distribute Balance Tokens to ICX holders.

We wanted everyone with ICX to benefit from Balanced, even if they’re not ready to use it themselves. That’s now possible thanks to the ICON Community Airdrip program.

No, airdrip is not a typo. We call it an airdrip because delegated ICX holders will get to claim Balance Tokens every week after the Balanced launch.

Here’s how it will work:

  • The first drip will drop one week after Balanced launches
  • Delegated ICX holders can claim their Balance Tokens from the Balanced website

We’re excited to share our progress for Q3 2020. Our goals included proof of concepts for sICX, ICD, and our decentralized exchange on the testnet, however, we decided to pivot away from an order book DEX (more details coming soon!) so we spent more time on the other smart contracts while designing the different DEX architecture.

Proof of Concept

The proof of concept includes 4 smart contracts deployed on the ICON testnet:

While there is no user interface, this proof of concept allows developers to test out the process of depositing…

With so much innovation and experimentation surrounding governance structures, we’d like to share our initial governance plans for the Balanced DAO.

We’ve introduced the concept of “worker tokens”, a simple and clearly defined governance process, and a fund of Balance Tokens owned and operated by token holders.

We’ve added these plans to the Balance Token Economics section of the Balanced white paper.

Balance Worker Tokens

Balance Worker Tokens are entitled to a share of Balance Token inflation. At launch, and unless Balance Token holders vote otherwise, Balance Worker Tokens will be entitled to 20% of the Balance Token inflation.

Balance Worker Tokens can…

Before we released the Balanced white paper, we did extensive research into existing DeFi platforms so we could find pain points and solve for them.

Balanced won’t be the first DeFi platform, but we do plan on making it the best. Our competitive advantage comes from:

  1. An easier user experience
  2. 0% interest rates
  3. Faster and cheaper transactions
  4. A clear price tracking mechanism for pegged assets
  5. Balance Token mining with clear value and ownership rights

On top of everything mentioned above, Balanced is a product built by ICX holders, for ICX holders. …

After our recent white paper update, we saw a sharp increase in questions on Telegram about staking: how it works through Balanced and what the advantages are. Balanced offers a number of advantages for ICX holders, including staking, increased liquidity, automatic compounding interest, and the ability to leverage your staked ICX holdings. We’ll keep this (and future posts) short and to the point. If you have follow up questions, join our Telegram channel to discuss!

Staking without Balanced

If you stake without Balanced, you can’t just set and forget. …

Balanced is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Band Protocol, and will integrate them as our oracle solution upon launch. We chose Band Protocol not only because of their secure and decentralized protocol, but also because of their willingness to work closely with us, almost acting as an extension of the Balanced team.

As the first DeFi project on ICON, there was an extensive due diligence process evaluating several oracle options for secure data feeds for pricing of Balanced pegged assets and collateral. …

True to our roadmap, the Balanced team is excited to announce that we’ve completed our deliverables for Q2. Today’s release includes the Balanced functional specifications and our first interactive prototype.

Functional specifications

The functional spec describes the front end, back end, and smart contracts required to support Balanced as it was defined in the white paper. It dives into the details in over 9,000 words, so go read it to find out more.

Read the Balanced functional specifications.

Interactive prototype

This is our first prototype of the full Balanced app. It’s not completely interactive yet, and some parts are still being designed, but it…

Financial markets were in turmoil on Thursday, March 12, 2020 as governments around the world scrambled to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The US stock market (Dow Jones) dropped 10% — the 5th-largest drop in history — Bitcoin dropped 37%, and Ethereum dropped 42%, leaving investors and consumers in shock as uncertainty about the pandemic and its impact on the economy dominated headlines.

The Dow Jones, Bitcoin, and Ethereum charts after the price plummeted on Black Thursday.
The Dow Jones, Bitcoin, and Ethereum charts after the price plummeted on Black Thursday.
The markets after Black Thursday

For decentralized finance projects, the drop was especially catastrophic. MakerDAO made headlines when their liquidation mechanism broke and they sold millions of dollars of ETH collateral for free. …

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the Balanced team with a lot of interest and support from the community. A huge thanks to RHIZOME, who’ve gone out of their way to cover Balanced extensively since the announcement. If you haven’t seen their write-ups, you can find them here:


We’ve just published the high-level roadmap for Balanced, which we expect to launch on the Mainnet by Q1 2021.

Q2: tech specs, design prototype. Q3: sICX PoC on Testnet, PoC for Balance Tokens & ICD. Q4: smart contract audit. Q1: Launch
Q2: tech specs, design prototype. Q3: sICX PoC on Testnet, PoC for Balance Tokens & ICD. Q4: smart contract audit. Q1: Launch

Increased scope

Balanced will initially create…


Balanced is a DAO on the ICON Network that creates tokens pegged to real-world assets.

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